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Through This Book, You'll Learn How My Breakdown Led to My Best Life and How Yours Can, Too!

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Reader Reactions

"Your descriptions are very clear and profound. I really like how you transition from telling the story of your past to reflecting on it now. Everything is very smooth sailing and your word choice is incredible." -Alexus Sims

"What I loved the most is the tone in your character. I can literally paint a picture with all your well-written descriptions. The book is moving along well. After two chapters, so much has happened. I’m so excited to purchase the entire novel. I’m almost sure that I will read it in one sitting." -Leah

"Wow, I absolutely loved it and want more! This was so good and caught my attention from the jump. I read nonstop and when I reached the end I actually was disappointed because I want more."

-Johnai Carroll

"This is the kind of book that you won’t be able to put down! It is raw and captivating. From the very first few lines, the story seems to jump out at you. The vivid descriptions make me feel like I am at a theater watching everything unfold. It leaves you anticipating what is going to happen the next second or minute because there are so many twists and turns. The best part is being able to go back and re-read parts again." 
-Corzetta Boose

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