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Trapped in the Closet

I see no need to ask whether or not you have ever been in a situation where you were asked how everything was going and you lied, or didn't tell the whole truth... I don't need to ask if this has ever happened to you, simply because I know it has happened to everyone at some point.

Sometimes we decide not to tell the truth because we're just not in the mood for people to be in our "business," but other times we get so caught up in trying to maintain this perfect image of our lives, that when someone asks "how's everything going?" the answer is usually "everything's good," even though inside we're screaming and yearning to be set free.

Prior to me finding myself in God, my life was a COMPLETE WRECK! I pretty much lived my life trapped in a closet that I had been in for so long. The crazy thing about it is, no one ever knew just how horrible things were for me because I was great at hiding the bad. Of course there were times when I broke down and just needed someone to talk to, but even then, no one knew the extent of my destruction. When I attended Michigan State University, I was at my lowest point in life; I was depressed and hopeless, I saw no point in living, I was lonely, I didn't sleep at night, I pretty much wanted to die, but it wasn't in me to kill myself. However, I walked around with a smile on my face, and anytime someone asked me how everything was going, I painted the picture of my life being pretty close to perfect, the only thing is, it was nowhere near it.

It wasn't until I experienced the love of God, that I was able to see just how messed up my life was without Him. It wasn't until after I realized God's grace and mercy, that I was able understand the fact that it was okay for me to admit I wasn't "okay," which is when I started to expose my problems and bring them to light. I saw that the key to me getting out of that closet I was trapped in, was God; funny thing is, I had the key all along, but didn't recognize it until I found that I couldn't keep trying to break out of the closet with all of these other useless things that weren't working. But, I had to actually look through my mess, in the dark closet, and find the key to unlock the door and be set free! Once I found the key, I was able to clean up my mess; in other words, the more I faced my issues and gave them over to God, they became smaller and smaller, until they existed no more. I realized that other people couldn't solve my problems: not a lover, not a friend, nor counselor, this was a job for God and God alone!

I just want to encourage you. There are things you may be struggling with, things that you don't want to tell anyone, but God isn't just anyone, you can trust Him and tell Him your deepest and darkest secrets; after all, He knows them anyway. The more you trust God and see that He is the key to opening up that closet door and setting you free, you'll see Him do just that. Galatians 5:1 states "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." One thing I want to make you aware of if you're not already, is that God is a God of freedom and liberty. The last thing He wants is for you to be held captive by negativity, and negativity doesn't want you to be set free by God, so as long as YOU allow pessimism, it will keep you captive and stuck in that closet. The only way for you to be set free, is by God. Talk to Him, tell Him what's bothering you and ask Him to help you-- o set you free. I'm a living witness, He can do it, and when He does, it'll be the greatest thing of your life!

I challenge you today to set yourself free from the enemy's foothold (Ephesians 4:27); he only dwells in you if you allow him to. BE FREE!!!!!

Let's end with prayer:

Father, we thank You for showing us the pitfalls of pessimism, but even more so, we thank You for being the key that unlocks the door and leads us to our freedom. We understand that nothing else will ever give us the liberty that is found ONLY in you; therefore, we will strive harder every day to open up to You and do what it is You have called us to do. We thank You for the chains that You have already broken, as well as those that are now being broken, and those that will be broken in the future. We love you, but we thank You for first loving us. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen!

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